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Mr. Valentino Cuman started the activity as an Olivetti’s Concessionary for Marostica’s area in April 1st 1966 and immediately the Olivetti’s approach made him renowned for the solid and clear relations that he has stipulated with people (staff, customers, vendors…). Thanks to the attention at market needs, this new reality soon became a reference for Vicenza.

During the 80s the idea of office had to put up with a great revolution and, with the spread of personal computers, writing machines and complex calculators became history. In this scenery of change and progress, Valentino’s daughter, Lucia Cuman, entered in the business and STL confirmed itself as an innovative company specialized in OfficeAutomation&IT.

After that, when another brother, Marco Cuman, joined the business in 1992, a new section exclusively dedicated to furniture contract was born with the purpose of providing a flexible and competent “customer mode” service for representation rooms, operative places, meeting rooms, auditoriums and complex spaces, retail and residences.

The company aims to create dynamic and functional spaces, coherent with avant-gardes and trends, always keeping the attention on customer’s needs and desires.

In 2000, Mr. Cuman’s third child, Paolo, joined the family business, he developed and optimized technical support and customer care services, important sectors to assist our clients after sales.

STL is always keeping up with times and, with the progressive establishment of visual solutions, Cuman brothers with enthusiasm and purpose amplified the company offer. They added Visual Solution (Displays, Monitors Touch), appropriate for many applications: office, residence, retail, commercial spaces… and Retail solutions, specific managements services for restoration and stores such as hardware, clothing shops, planners, Pet Shops…
Thanks to the last departments added to the business, STL is able to cover all the services needed in space furniture, guaranteeing the integration of Design & Technologies, a winning match that distinguish the company in the market and resume its commercial philosophy, so much that it is now named “STL Design & Tecnologia”.

2016 – TODAY
STL Design & Tecnologia is a structured and sectorial company, which provide devices and services for: OfficeAutomation&IT and Documental Solutions, Visual Solutions, General Contract and Retail.
STL Design & Tecnologia established her position in Italy, precisely in the North-West and put forward to face the international commerce, promoting its services of furniture Contract.

The business works with vendors and professional experts, possibly locals, with whom share values and morals that ties STL with a consistent partnership net, making the company reliable.

The staff is up-to-date and our technical support is ISO9001:2015 certified, due to offer a qualify service to our clients in the OfficeAutomation&IT and Retail. STL is part of the Study Group CSR of Vicenza, it participates to events and initiatives active in the promotion of company’s responsibility and it has stipulated a CONTRACT OF VALUES, MORALS AND DUTIES that summarize the Fondant Values and declines the Duties of the business when it comes to people, customers, community and our territory.

STL Design & Tecnologia is proud to renew the Legality Rating **, an innovative method useful to recognize the value of companies which operate following a legal moral that includes clear relations and social responsibilities.

STL watches the future through the lens of progress and innovation with a strong desire for selecting the best products and services, functional and advanced in technology, that respond to costumers needs, looking forward to their necessities and requests