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You can find STL Design & Tecnologia on Public Administration’s Electronic Marketplace (M.E.P.A.) platform as a credited vendor for Italy’s Public Administration:

  • Furniture 104: furniture solutions and adaptable furniture complements, fine and advanced in quality
  • Office 103: functional printers, multi-functions, scanners, PCs, tablets due to improve workflows and reduce costs, monitors, last generation Monitor Touch that guarantee an interactive and immediate visual solution.
  • Chancellor 104: chancellor’s office (toners, inkjets, accessories…) useful for office and school’s environments
  • ICT 2009: devices and services for IT and telecommunications


STL Design & Tecnologia offers you the best expert advices :

  • When a request has been received, is more convenient to choose the “most convenient economical offer”: who considers 30% of price and 70% of quality, that the company offers both for the product as well as for the service;

  • Referring to the art. 35 of D.Lgs. 50/2016 (New Subcontracts Code) issued form the EU, it is possible to choose the option “direct entrustment” with the purpose of improving service conditions for:
    *Entrustments below 40,000.00 euro for goods supplies and below 150,000.00 euro for work management through direct order;
    *Entrustments equal or higher to 40,000.00 euro and below the thresholds for supplies and services (209,000.00 euro), by means of procedure negotiates with a prior advice;
    *Entrustments within 1.000,00 euro, the acquisition of goods and services is independent, without the duty to draw upon Consip Conventions or Telematics Platform M.E.P.A.