he interactive Big Pad Monitor-Board in its widest model (60”-70”-80”) it is particularity appealable for driving schools and it establishes a new standard in the offer of touchscreen solutions as it supplies to presentations, classroom formation, videoconferences.

The Big Pad it is a key tool able to transform your traditional driving school in a digital, innovative and intuitive one.

Thanks to the interactive Big Pad Monitor-Board it is possible to:

  • track the itinerary with Street View: with the Pen it is possible to draw directly on the Interactive Monitor- Board to highlight paths, signalize crossings, priorities and file saving the most significant things. In this way 3D reality is applied and it is able to make students experiment the surrounding environment through digital devices, without the necessity of move;
  • share the lesson: the students will be connected to the Monitor Touch and save on their tools (I-Pads, laptops, smartphones) the lessons contents. Otherwise they can send images and files to the Big Pad themselves;
  • print and save: connect the Big pad to a net printer, it is both possible to print directly or create digital archives with scansions;
  • activate the videoconference mode: thanks to a system of cameras and microphones supporting the integrated speakers, the big Pad can become the central point to connect the classrooms in videoconference and e-learning mode even in different places dislocated around the city;
  • fix it on a wall with a bracket or move it on a wheel support;
  • use the Big Pad screen as a full-screen display for presentations, videoconferences, driving school video promotions, information about different appointments or special time schedules exct…
  • realize sight tests casting the alphabet letters on a Big Pad provided with a HD 1920×1080 resolution due to control with precision the sight and verify driving suitability; contrasting with the traditional LIM, based on a video projector, the Big Pad has a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, it works in every enlightenment conditions, it needs a low maintenance after sale (back illumination usually lasts 60000 hours), there aren’t any hidden costs for spare pieces.

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