reception ufficio - reception studio - reception bianca - reception bianco e nero - sedia kubix
poltrone attesa - poltrone - nero - base rotonda
tavolo rotondo - base bianca - sedie - bianco - nero - modello krizia - su ruote

The project has been realized for Bassano Health. The mission of this organization is to provide to the patient an efficient environment where he can feel completely comfortable and follow in each request, an environment where the performance starts with the hosting moment and after that closely followed by the specialists, who cooperated together.
The space is oriented to comfort and the hosting with upholster chairs bold armchairs, puffs and a high reception counter for the documents reservation. All the medical rooms are provided with a table, an elegant desk and chairs with a bold sitting.
The furniture results modern and comfortable in all the structure; people are free to expose their problems in total comfort.