Two BMW dealers chose Sharp beside suggestion of the Innovation and Testing Center of the Mother House. Moreover the principal location in Milan they use monitor touch in the Meeting Rooms.

The videowalls installed in the BMW dealers are formed on monitors Sharp model pN-V601 with 60”. The distinguish themselves mostly for two peculiar features: the 60 inches unique model available on the market and the 700 cd/sqrm luminosity, the impact of the images is noticeable. “These monitors perform in an excellent way – commented Claudio Meazzi. Their luminosity, then, make them visible in every enlightenment condition, even during days with an intense sunlight; they capture the attention even at considerable distances. When we had to choose a model we asked an opinion to the Innovation & Testing Center, our structure operate in Monaco’s location: details, chromatic quality and luminosity were the convincing factors. The central division who follows specifically videowalls has referred that, comparing with the competitors, these monitors offer major performances, with the avoiding of moiré aspects. The monitors are connected among them in daisy chain, with DVI cables. The IP player manage the contents of connected LAN nets. Visualization of emotional videos, 90 mins loops, followed by coordinate communications plans and managed from the marketing service: dedicate films for ours motorcycles and cars.
The download of contents follows the typical web server logic. The roman dealer in Via Barberini it is possible to alternate the online contents with others coming from Monaco’s location.”