A videowall cast the staff working in the kitchen or the video recipes of master Antonio Tubelli, the Gourmeet chef. The impact is deep and the participation immediate: objective, to promote quality food farming food.

“The videowall –said Alessandro Pervito – is composed of 4 monitors Sharp PN-Y475. This models have different advantages: thin frame and affordability made them suitable even for reduced budgets. Moreover they have an integrated audio system and they are silence due to fan absence. To generate a unique image, composed by 4 monitors, we have used the videowall function integrated in the monitor themselves. To manage different sources, on the other hand, there is an HDMI 4×4 HD baseT mold, compatible with DVI. Currently, connected to the mold there are two HD cameras, used to record the preparation of kitchen meals, a DVD/BD player and a Sky decoder.
The whole system is very flexible: it can be managed in remote trough net and RS-232 or trough IR in local. The signals exiting from the mold are wired with a Cat6 cable.”