Bally’s showroom in Milan and Azimut Yachts in Cannes: are two examples able to demonstrate the efficacy of Sharp’s monitors in videowall configuration, even when installed in luminous environments.
We have used six PN-V601 screens in the 2×3 configuration that create a comprehensive general form out of scheme, due to choose a different layout from the typical 16:9.

The screens were put together with pantographic brackets of PMQ in Rosate due to have the possibility, in case of technical problems, to put together and take apart the monitors in a simple and quick way; specifically, the monitors were secured on a brick’s wall with chemical tassels, to guarantee an adequate grip that can support all monitors. Thanks to how easy their use is, these monitors didn’t need any peculiar electronic parts, because the comprehensive resolution made from this specific configuration satisfied completely customers’ requests. What has been used was an integrative circuited board able to divide the images in the 6 different screens that compose the videowall. The contents are managed from a connected PC in remote.
The wiring was realized using HDMI to Ethernet signal converters because the Pc that manage screens disposition it is placed about 50 meters from the videowall: a choice that put together low costs, security of signal stability and highest quality.