An evolved structure, capable to adequate itself to different rhythms and learning styles, and to behaviors and habits of nowadays students.

The Sharp’s monitors touch screen has been chosen for their reliability and the elevate average lifetime. National first in line of the project Book in Progress is Majorana institute in Brindisi.
The goal is to realize textbooks, with an elevate scientific and communicative importance, written from 1200 teachers of the national net. An initiative that substantially improves students’ learning: the textbooks become digital, create and develop by teachers. A consistent save of money for families: they free themselves from the technologies resources they need to provide, that remain property of the student. This net produce books for the first two years of high schools, and several disciplines for the last three years, and from this year even for Middle High and Elementary schools. The contents are available both on paper and in digital form. The digital version isn’t only available in PDF version from paper, but in multimedia: it is interactive, with videos, video-lessons, exct. “We started 5 years ago with this project – tell us the President Salvatore Giuliano – it is a reality that has seen the Majorana as a promoter of a new educating model, the first effort to go beyond the strict limits of space (the classroom) and time (lessons hours) that Internet mad obsolete, has requested a new manner to be renew. The possibility to connect from remote, to do video lessons, an enrich the moment of learning with multiple types, different linguistic codes, images, sounds, films, the possibility to “expand” the educational place thanks to the presence of a net, is just the first step of an innovation which range isn’t ratable yet, but that school has to charge. The work is done by groups of students, so that all is translated in a major enrichment of each one of them. This working groups are naturally facilitated form the use of our Classroom of the Future, where the students have individual tablets on which they can work followed by a moment of share and debate, everything is coordinated by the teacher, who is pointed as a support-guide and provides the evaluation instruments. I want to add something more: one of our work, an English course, published on ITunesU responded with a considerable success, so much that placed it on the chart of the most downloaded contents for a long time, we’re very proud of it.” The infrastructures with whom the school is provided are noticeable: there’s Wi-Fi connection in all the building. The classrooms have IBW and Interactive Sharp’s monitors with 70” and 20”.
The monitors installed in the classrooms are equipped with software that permits a use comparable to the latest Interactive White Board. All the monitors, through the PCs that manage them, arte online: they can acquire the documents from copy-machines and multi-functions, print them or create digital documents that students can use.