The rooms are disposed for Conference Calls, with integrated microphones and speakers in the devices, that are placed on the meeting tables; furthermore there is the Room C that manage the videoconferences: over the Big Pad there is a motorized camera. “Adding values – said Maurizio Daelli – due to avoid chaos of disordered cables a wireless wiring was introduced, with Barco’s ClickShare and HDMI Wireless. Beyond this visual part we added to all rooms a small touch-screen for controlling various devices, enlightenment and curtains included.” “Sure – concludes Daelli – the user experience of the Big pad Sharp is evident, with the dedicated pen you’re able to highlight what you want and add comments, we immediately felt comfortable: the participation has improved and we have noticed an increasing level of proposition. The contrast with the previous devices is cruel: before we used the classic paper sheets album on a trivet. Now with the pen you can directly write notes on the presentation’s slides that you can visualize, save and print on a multi-function or send by email. It is a completely different way of working, and the satisfaction is total.”