The Innocents Institute was one of the first laical institutions of the world to preoccupy about children’s assistance. For an efficacy documental narration the Museum offers ten areas equ ipped with Sharp’s capacious touch monitors. Inside the Museum of Innocents has been realized 10 areas equipped with Sharp’s multitouch monitors, with ten touches of capacious technology.

“We have been chosen to cure the Audio/Video installation, it’s been several years since when we become the vendors of the Institute of Innocents – says Giuseppe Ercolino, owner of MMG, Multimedia Meeting Group, that adds – in the past we had already accomplished visual solutions installations.
The previous museum area didn’t included advanced technologies: now, instead, we have installed Sharp’s Touch Monitors, with capacious technology, able to offer to the visitor browsing contents, to amplify the knowledge beside the exposition. The capacious technology offers a superior user experience, similar to the tablets and smartphone ones. We have chosen the models LL-S201A, with 20 inches, and LL-S242AW with 24 inches. The models have in dotation a pen with a 2mm point, with whom the precision of the choice is guaranteed. Moreover, one of the ten stations have been completed with a 60 inches monitor, PN-E602. That means that the visitor browses through the software with the touch monitor, and thanks to the 60” monitor can visualize the details of an artwork.
A configuration that highlights the benefits of technology, without invading: history, documents, the life experiences narrated from this Institute represent the real mean of the visit.”