The interactive boards secure an immersive and dynamic experience; thanks to the interactivity, the attention is considerably improved. The Copytecnica experience with the formative courses of ASL.

Copytecnic has installed six interactive Sharp’s board PN-L802B, with 80 inches, in six of the Courses’ rooms in the locations of ASL Naples 2 of Frattamaggiore, the widest dimension available that we had ever realized. Francesco Ferraiuolo ends: “We have cured each detail of the installation including the Wi-Fi net inside the structure, configuring even PCs. Our service is comprehensive of the entire management of the functionality process of the hardware and software. The typical configuration involves an IWB with 80 inches secured on the wall; the PC, behind the board it cannot be seen; the Wi-Fi antenna consent the connection between the PC and the IWB.
There are other installations in the program: the project shared with ASL includes other 5 IWB in multiple classrooms meant for the formation that they will achieve.”