The peer school S.G.B. Cottolengo is placed in Turin, in the center of Porta Palazzo, a multi-ethnic district that has several problems due to immigration, drugs dealers and poverty; it hosts almost 400 students and privileged the hospitality of disadvantaged people, with difficult socio-economic situations and disability, but even people who choose it for the values that the association conveys, with a particular attention due to avoid the creation of a ghetto-school.
The institute has equipped 16 classrooms of the school with interactive Sharp’s board. “We have made a well-done work – said father Andrea – from an educational point of view it doesn’t make sense to realize a multimedia room that each class has to share with the others, there’s the risk to use it just once a week; if this device is useful, and we have verify that it is, it has to be used always, in every lesson. Specifically, for 3rd grade classes we installed a multimedia board. Instead, for 1st and 2nd grades we opted for a 70” monitor managed from the teacher by a touch screen with 20”: this educational choice was acted to visualize in a better way what teachers write, this is useful for the students who are approaching to writing art. All the monitors, through the PCs that manage them, are connected in net.” “With the availability of tablet the collaboration with students has been completed – that is what Dante Bassis of Sharp said.
Now they can send the contents to the multimedia board without have to stand up because the tablets are connected with Wi-Fi to the board; the covered area has been limited intentionally due to avoid interferences with the classes nearby.”