The Interactive Monitor Board Big Pad PN-70TW3 represents the technological innovation and the unicity of the Visual Solutions in medicine. The Big pad PN-70TW3 it is particularly useful for meetings in multi disciplines rooms, for study cases, reading rooms in medical studios, research labs, medical formation and dentist studies. The certified “DICOM EMULATION” (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) visualization mode for accurate diagnosis, consent to visualize the X-rays, radiographies and MRIs just like if the doctor was using a diaphanoscope, typical tools present in hospitals. It is possible to share the monitor with other devices (tablet, computers, cellphones), writing on screen and the Pen Software application, adjusting, saving and sending files to the other users connected and vice versa. Connecting the Big Pad with a printer it is possible to print directly too.
Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi and the Split Screen mode it is possible to divide the screen into four areas and visualize simultaneously the connected users. This permit interactive interventions, collaboration and impressive share skills of all the material in real time. Furthermore with camera and microphones systems supported by integrated speakers, Big pad Sharp an become the central point to connect different classes in videoconference mode for expert advice and e-learning even though among hospitals and ambulatories dislocated in different cities.