Our offer provides 2.0 products efficient in cost reducing: printers, multi-functions, PCs, servers, back-ups… available even with the all-in rent. For software we offer invoicing electronic systems, documental solutions for archiving, costs management and accounting.

Technical support and all-in rent with copy-cost formula for multi-functions, printers, copy machines, faxes.

The project includes some simple steps to reduce (30% average), the costs related to stamping/copying processes, that usually involve 3% of the turnover.

Our qualified, professional and punctual assistants distinguish us on the market.

Procurement, installation and the integration of the best hardware and software on the market.

STL Design & Tecnologia offers innovative technological multi-functions that improve compliance to the GDPR laws guidelines.

Archives services and substitute conservation of every kind of document.

Public Administration Click-Service. We think at everything!

Paper for printers, copy-machines and plotters. Save buying the pallet!

Equipment and machinery for the after sale: paper shredders, bookbinding machines, cutters, trimmers, holes-punchers, folding machines.