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STL Design & Tecnologia is a company that for more than 50 years provides to its clients personalized interior design solutions and avant-garde environmental interactivity.
Visual Solutions developed by STL are flexible and intuitive devices that help the entrepreneurs and companies to made their ideas more visual and shareable, concretely answering to different challenges and applications in multiple sectors.
The Monitor Touch and Monitor Display represent the major STL goal.


School classes, conference rooms, offices and showrooms are environments where the people cooperate to realize services, products and projects.

Software Pen
The Software Pen consent an intuitive use of Big Pads that can make the difference in the user experience. Each function of the monitor is simple and reachable from everybody, from the analyst IT to the teacher, and the student as well as the warehouse worker who needs to sign the everyday orders.

Display Connect
Thanks to the Software Display Connect it is possible to transfer documents, write and draw on the screen in an interactive way and control in remote the Big Pad with mobile devices, even in mirroring mode.

Multi Touch
The Multi Touch function of the Big Pad it was developed due to simplify communication, interaction and sharing. The ten points-contact with infrared-rays are highly responsive and they permit writing, drawing and documents interaction of the contents between multiple users both with pens as well as fingers.

Software Touch Viewer

The Software Touch Viewer permit to use within three Big Pads connected in multi-board configuration which is effective and flexible and manages files with different extensions in a simple and clear way.

MFP Connection

Thanks to MFP Connectivity the contents can be easily scanned or imported through USB door, with the possibility to save files on PC or in cloud, providing a real-time sharing of the used materials.


The classroom is one of the environments where the Monitor Touch Big Pad can be useful, making the sharing of ideas with teachers easy, capturing the attention of students thank to the high resolution of images, videos, documents and presentations. The students will become the real main-characters of the lesson and they will learn and apply what they have studied interacting with an innovative device.

When we talk about courses, lessons, conferences and conventions, a Monitor Touch Big Pas is the ideal device to improve the interaction between who teach and who learn, with remote option it is possible to keep-up with live videoconferences, online classes, MOOC and e-learning courses directly from each own device. Wide dimensions and high reactivity help the educator to explain concepts and notions simply and clearly, giving the possibility even to beginners of interact on screen, supporting in the best way the moments of interactive confrontation during the lesson.

Nowadays in a dynamic company environment, collaboration is a fundamental element due to improve the confrontation and the coordination between various professional figures involved in the company project thorough Brain Storming and Videoconferences. In this way, Monitor Touch Big Pad, both in structural contest as well as in entrepreneurial realities and PMI, represent an ideal solution for the improvement of interactivity and the managing as well as the proactive cultivation of the values of services and products offered. Thanks to Big Pad it is possible to increase the motivation of your company collaborators of a 34%.