The branches of Udine’s Bank replaced the traditional posters on showcase with monitor controlled with remote. Objective: to communicate with increasing visibility and dynamism.

“We asked Misa to realize a system that offers the following requests: good visibility, even when sunlight invest the showcase directly, high reliability because the monitor need to be used all day long, manage the contents in remote with web servers and minimal impact on the branch’s furniture, due to keep a high elegance and moderation to the environment.”
Misa is a company present on the market from 20 years. Partnership’s relations with the worldwide best brands established the company in various sectors like memorization, data’s transfer, multimedia communication and networking. It operates from 5 years in Digital Signage and has interacted a long-lasting collaboration with Sharp. “We entered in this kind of markets to satisfy a strategy that could make us able to expand our actions – explains the owner Michele Spagnaro. Moreover we started treating multimedia totems, with the installation of more than one hundred in the sector of photographic products distribution. The recent work conducted at Udine’s Bank has been developed thanks to the satisfaction guarantee to our customer. We started with the former branch, the pilot project: the action was enjoyed so much that we went on with the other branches in the territory, until we complete the work in all branches, that will finish in 2015. We hope to extent the work suggestion to all the other banks of the Cooperative Credit. The flexibility and the support supplied from Sharp – concludes Spagnaro – has been praiseworthy: attention the needs and sensible to requests, aspects not so easily certified in a Multinational Corporation.” “Some LCD monitors – said Francesco Fanutti, technical director of Misa – when they are exposed for long periods to sunlight, are easily damageable. Our first worry was to choose a professional model able to guarantee reliability and perseverant performances, with the adequate enlightenment. The Sharp’s models PN-U423 and PN-E421 has been prized as the best on the market. We installed 23 of them, disposed in the showcases of the principal location and in 5 braches, all of them positioned vertically. Every monitor has its own PC player who referred to, equipped with Hdds Vision, and it has also handled a dedicated formative session. The connection between the nets of the system was one of the most delicate procedures: for security reasons we had to authorize all the players and no not create additional net architectures, due to reduce the costs.”