Workplace 3.0 is configured as one of the most important sectors present at the Salone del Mobile 2018, a specific pavilion capable of transporting the visitor to the office of the future, an ideal environment built around workers and which guarantees an optimal interaction between ergonomics and intelligence and interaction design.

The technological avant-garde, one of the cornerstones of the futuristic office, focuses on DAM (Digital Asset Management), advanced platforms aimed at enriching cognitive systems and perfecting work.

The goal is to make them more and more advanced, until they reach the level of the so-called “7 trends of Industry 4.0”: devices and services that, however utopian they may seem, are preparing to be launched on the market, exemplifying a future that we would not have never imagined so close!

ufficio del futuro STL

The new professions and Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace will be the first measure, the “Robobosses” are configured as the leading figures of the technologically perfect office: they will replace human activity in routine and management together with Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), our new 2.0 colleagues who will perfect workplace assistance and cooperation.

If it may seem that human figures are no longer necessary, forecasts promise the birth of new multifunctional professions, no longer attributable to the traditional concept of work.

The “Gig” will prevail, temporary jobs, characterized by an even closer interdependence between supply and demand according to a talent-management and cross collaboration policy, which can be evaluated through predefined “skillsets”.

The new professional figures will inevitably be subject to agility 4.0, a combination of digital dexterity and inclination to change, skills that we could define as fundamental detonators of positive development.

The adaptation to the latest technologies is therefore configured as a constant in the panorama of the future office and, even if it may seem that the immediate consequences are a passive acceptance of technologies and an apathetic automation of the workspace, the office of the future it goes beyond all that.

STL’s cutting-edge technology

STL Design & Tecnologia promotes technologically advanced solutions, such as sound-absorbing panels capable of obtaining an acoustic correction, making the environment pleasant and healthy, and one of the main objectives that the company sets itself is that of incorporating the latest technologies in personalized and tailor-made spaces, which always put the customer’s needs at the center to create unique environments full of personality.

ufficio del futuro STL

In the office of the future STL mix Automated Furniture and high quality Visual Solution, which inserts into spaces designed at 360 ° to be functional, dynamic and efficient capable of improving people’s well-being.

An example of this is introduction of the most innovative products on the market and attentive to environmental impact, such as the eT Desk. This innovative desk model reflects a completely avant-garde way of thinking about the office, not only is it adaptable, electrifiable and attentive to sensory response, but its configurations can be set via a smartphone and in addition to some accessories such as speakers and battery chargers“Virtual”, it alone releases perfume for environments that make the atmosphere always prone to a positive work flow.